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初中英语Where did you go on vacation测试题及答案

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Unit 10   Where did you go on vacation?
1.stay            2.go             3.visit       
4.swim         5.study         6.have       
7.fly          8.break         9.do       
10.rain         11.help         12.lose       
13.make         14.walk         15.decide       
16.eat         17.am/is         18.are       
Did you enjoy your vacation?
1.I                      2.She         .
I thought it was        .   It was         .
3.He         .              4.I         .
It was         .            It’s         .
5.He       .               6.He         .
It’s         .               It’s         .
A.e.g.He went to the Central Park.
→He didn’t go to the Central Park.
Did he go to the Central Park?
Yes,he did./No,he didn’t.
1.She visited her uncle. 2.We studied for exams last week.
3.They went to the movies yesterday.
B.e.g.I went to the summer camp.
→Where did you go?
1.My grandma stayed at home last week.
2.They went to the beach on vacation.
3.The weather is awful.
4.The people there were unfriendly.
Unit 10 Where did you go on vacation?(A)
1.呆在家里           2.拜访我的叔叔       
3.去海滨          4.夏令营       
5.在角落里         6.帮助某人做某事       
7.从……到         8.在晚餐的时间       
9.出来          10.整天       
1.We had great fun          in the waves.
A.play    B.playing    C.played
2.He helped me          my lost book.
A.found   B.find  C.finding
3.The old song made me         .
A.smile  B.to smile  C.smiling
4.We usually go to school      Monday        Friday.
A.between;and  B.from;till C.from;and
5.—May I go there by bike?
—No,you         .The weather is rainy.
A.aren’t   B.don’t   C.can’t
6.Every one          an English story book.
A.have  B.are having  C.has
7.What did you have          breakfast this morning?
A.at    B.for   C.to
8.Where did Vera go          vacation?
A.for  B.in   C.on
A:Hi,Lin.Long time not see.B:I              my vacation.
A:Really?         did you go on vacation?
B:I          to the beach.A:How was the         ?
B:        hot and humid.A:         you swim?
B:Yes,I did.The weather was really warm.What about you?         was your vacation?
A:It’s         .I went nowhere.I          at home.
Unit 10 Where did you go on vacation?(B)
1.Today the weather is very cool,so we         (决定) to play tennis.
2.I don’t like going shopping.It’s         (拥挤) there.
3.How was your         (假期)?
4.My father likes to take a bus         (旅行).He thinks it’s relaxing.
5.The people in Russia are really         (友好的).
6.It’s         (多雨的) in summer.
7.The mooncakes(月饼) with eggs in them are     (美味的).
8.She had great         (困难) finding a job.
9.At night,I listened to the sound of         (波浪).
10.I did pass my physics        (考试).
1.My vacation was great!(对划线部分提问)
         was your vacation?
2.I went to summer camp during my holiday.(对划线部分提问)
                  you          during your holiday?
3.The weather was hot and humid.(对划线部分提问)
         was the weather?
4.Ann went to the mountain by car.(对划线部分提问)
                  Ann          to the mountain?
5.Tom was in the New York City last year.(改为一般疑问句)
         Tom in the New York City last year?
She          her uncle          her vacation.
2.今天天气很凉爽。Today the          was         .
We                   for Chinese         .
That child            ,we helped him        his parents.
There       a small restaurant at            of the street.
Sarah was ill.She          at home.She went         .
Unit 10 Where did you go on vacation??
Practice 1?
Ⅰ.Find out the word which has the different sound from the others.从下列每四个划线部分中选出与其他三项发音不同的一项。?
1.A.busy   B.fry?  C.dry   D.try?
2.A.what  B.why?  C.who  D.where?
3.A.supermarket  B.just C.unlucky D.discuss?
4.A.sure  B.so?  C.shop  D.wash ?
5.A.long  B.hot?  C.top    D.broke?
6.A.taxi  B.hand? C.exam  D.later ?
7.A.window B.throw? C.snow  D.crowd ?
8.A.second B.rest?  C.sex  D.me?
9.A.high  B.hear?  C.hair  D.hour?
10.A.till  B.little? C.will  D.fine ?
A)根据句意填写单词,已提供第一个字母,每空一词。?11.We had a wonderful dinner at this restaurant.The food was d______.?
12.It rains a lot here.It's always rainy and h______.?
13.I had a very good summer v______ in Shanghai with my parents.?
14.The apples in this supermarket were i______.They were cheap.?
15.After a school?term's hard work,we went to the beach for a r______ holiday.?
16.We went ______(camp) in the mountains last Summer Vacation.?
17.We met many ______(difficult) in our English study. ?
18.There were a few people in the library on Sunday,it was ______(crowd) there.?
19.On my way home,I found a little girl ______(cry) in the corner.?
20.It was sunny and hot yesterday.We went to the park and ______(fly) kites.?
Ⅲ.Form sentences.组句 (请注意大小写和标点符号)。?
21.did,where,you,go,on vacation?
22.went,the mountains,I,to?
23.New York City,they,went to?
25.playing,we,great,had,fun,in the waves?www.xk b1. com
Ⅳ.Complete the dialogue with proper words.补全对话。?
Sally:Oh,Betty!Nice  26  see you again.How's it going  27   you?? Betty:Great!I came back from Paris just two days ago.?
Sally:Paris?My god.It's one of my favorite cities.?
Betty:I   28   it very much.It's really a beautiful city.?
Sally:What   29   you go there for?Business??
Betty:No,I just went there   30   vacation.?
Sally:It must   31   a wonderful vacation.?
Sally:What did you   32   there??
Betty:Shopping!I almost   33   shopping every day.?
Sally:Wow!How   34   the stores there??
Betty:They   35   very expensive.But the fashionable dress (时装)in Paris is pretty good.I bought a lot of them.I love Paris' fashionable dress.?
★ Reading comprehension.扩展阅读?
The seahorse is a very strange fish.Do you know what its head looks like?It looks like a horse.Of course it is not as big as a horse.You can pick it up with one hand.It swims with its head up and tail down.
This strange looking fish often remains still.It will hang on to a bit of weed (海草)with its tail.Then when a small fish swims by,the seahorse will suddenly jump and eat it up.?
Mother seahorse lays eggs(产卵).These eggs are kept in Father's pouch(育儿袋).When the eggs hatch,the babies pop out of the pouch into the sea.?
Choose the correct answer:?
36.The seahorse is ______.?
A.a small horse? B.a fish C.an egg  D.a sea?
37.The seahorse swims with ______. ?
A.its tail up high?  B.its head down?
C.its tail down?  D.its nose down?
38.Baby seahorses are ______. ?
A.hatched from eggs? B.born in mother's pouch ?
C.born in father's pouch D.hatched from horses ?
39.A seahorse eats ______.?
A.sea weed? B.small fish?C.water   D.nothing ?
40.A seahorse is ______.?
A.bigger than a horse? B.the same size as a horse ?
C.as big as a horse? D.much smaller than a horse?
Unit 10 Where did you go on vacation??Practice 2??
Ⅰ.Choose the right answer.单项选择填空。?
1.Hangzhou is a beautiful city.There are many people here ______ vacation every year.?A.in   B.on? C.for D.to ?
2.—You didn't go to Shanghai last summer holidays,did you??
A.Yes,I didn't?  B.No,you didn't? 
C.Yes,you did?  D.No,I didn't?
3.______ was the food in the restaurant??
A.How many  B.Why?C.How  D.Where?
4.How many sheep ______ there on the farm last year??
A.are  B.were? C.is   D.was?
5.He found his car ______.?
A.was losing  B.had lost? C.missing D.was missed?
6.______ great weather today!?
A.What a  B.What? C.How  D.How a ?
7.Today is Children's Day.There are lots of people in Happy Valley.It's very ______.?
A.busy  B.uncrowded? C.hot D.crowded?
8.Uncle Liang can make his kite ______ higher in the sky.?
A.flies  B.to fly? C.flying  D.fly?
9.—Is Rick there??—No,he ____ for Beijing three days ago.?A.left  B.leaves? C.leaving  D.has left?
10.—How was your summer camp in Dalian last year??
—______.I had a good time with my friends.?
A.Awful  B.Fantastic? C.Expensive  D.Not good?
11.I have only ten ?yuan? with me,______ I can't buy the expensive dictionary.?
A.thought B.but? C.so   D.because?
12.—Where did you go on Mid?autumn Day??
—I wasn't out.I just ______ at home.?
A.stayed  B.was?  C.stay  D.am?
13.It's ____ today.We have to turn on ?air?condition?(空调).?
A.pretty hot B.a little cold?C.a little hot D.pretty dry?
14.—Did you visit your grandma on Friday evening??
—No,I ______ to a wonderful movie with my mother.?
A.didn't go B.went C.go  D.did went?
15.______ go out for a walk??
A.Why not B.What about C.How about D.Let's
Ⅱ.Change the following sentences.句型转换。?
16.She went to the beach last Sunday.(变一般疑问句)?
17.The weather was hot and humid.(变否定句)?
18.They stayed at home on vacation.(就划线部提问)?
19.Nancy went to the cinema last night.(改为同义句)?
20.The people in New York were friendly. (就划线部分提问)?                                   
Ⅲ.Cloze test.完形填空。?
Last Saturday,Tony went to see Benny.But he didn't know   21   Benny lived.  22   the way,he stopped in front of a yellow house,and asked an old woman the   23   to Benny's house.“His house is not far from my house,” said the woman.“It's behind the trees.But you can't get there   24  .You can go there by bus.It'll   25   you hours to get there   26   foot.” “What's   27   with her?” Tony thought.“I can see Benny's house from here now.It's behind the   28  .”?
Then Tony walked to the other side of the trees.He found the old woman was   29  .There was a river in front of him,and he couldn't see a boat.The house was on the other side of the
  30  .?
21.A.what B.where ? C.how  D.why?
22.A.By  B.On?  C.Near  D.In ?
23.A.place B.house ? C.bus  D.way?
24.A.well  B.now?  C.easily  D.hurry?
25.A.spend B.take?  C.bring  D.carry?
26.A.in  B.on?  C.by   D.with?
27.A.matter B.trouble? C.wrong   D.right?
28.A.houses B.rivers? C.trees  D.boats?
29.A.right B.good? C.wrong   D.fine?
30.A.road   B.street? C.tree  D.river?
★ Ⅳ.Writing.书面表达。?
假如你叫解凯,因昨天刮大风,自己穿的衣服又少患了感冒。今天早上觉得不舒服,你母亲发现你发烧(get a fever),便带你去看了医生。医生说你需要卧床休息两天,特向黄老师请假。请就此写一则请假条,时间为11月18日。(词数70~80)?
Unit 10
Practice 2
Ⅰ.1~5 BDCBC 6~10 BDDAB
11~15 CAABA
Ⅱ.16.Did she go to the beach last Sunday?
17.The weather wasn't hot or humid.
18.Where did they stay on vacation?
19.Nancy went to see a film last night.
20.How were the people in New York?
Ⅲ.21~25 BBDCB 26~30 BCCAD
★ Ⅳ.书面表达
November 18th?
Dear Miss Huang,
I'm very sorry to write and tell you that I can't go to school today.I caught a cold yesterday,because it was windy and I didn't wear enough clothes.
I felt really bad this morning.My mother found that I got a fever.She took me to see the doctor,and the doctor said that I had to stay in bed for two days.
Now I'm writing to you to ask for two days' sick leave,today and tomorrow.
Thank you.
Your student,
Xie Kai
Practice 1
Ⅰ.1~5 ACABD 6~10 DDDDD
Ⅱ.A.11 delicious 12.humid 13.vacation 14.inexpensive 15.relaxing
B.16.camping 17.difficulties 18.uncrowded 19.crying 20.flew
Ⅲ.21.Where did you go on vacation?
22.I went to the mountains.
23.They went to New York City.
24.Did Vera like her vacation?
25.We had great fun playing in the waves.
Ⅳ.26.to 27.with 28.like 29.did 30.on 31.be 32.do 33.went 34.were 35.were
★ 扩展阅读
36~40 BCABD
Ⅰ.1.decide   2.crowded   3.vacation   4.trip   5.friendly   6.rainy   7.delicious   8.difficulty   9.waves   10.exam
Ⅱ.1.How   2.Where did,go   3.How   4.How old go   5.Was
Ⅲ.1.visited,on   2.weather,cool   3.are studying,exam   4.was lost,find   5.is,the corner   6.stayed,nowhere
Ⅰ.1.stay at home   2.visit my uncle   3.go to the beach   4.summer camp   5.in the corner   6.help sb. do sth.   7.from…to…   8.at supper time   9.come out   10.all day
Ⅱ.1~4 BBAB   5~8 CCBC
Ⅲ.went on,Where,went,weather,It’s,Did,How,boring,stayed
Ⅰ.1.stayed   2.went   3.visited   4.swam   5.studied   6.had   7.flew   8.broke   9.did   10.rained   11.helped   12.lost   13.made   14.walked   15.decided   16.ate   17.was   18.were
Ⅱ.1.went to the library;interesting
2.watched the football match;exciting
3.joined the English club;great
4.went to the beach;fun
5.went to the restaurant,delicious/awful
6.took a bus trip;relaxing
Ⅲ.A.She didn’t visit her uncle.
1.Did she visit her uncle?
Yes,she did./No,she didn’t.
2.We didn’t study for exams last week.
Did you study for exams last week?
Yes,we did./No,we didn’t.
3.They didn’t go to the movies yesterday.
Did they go to the movies yesterday?
Yes,they did./No,they didn’t.
B.1.Where did your grandma stay last week?
2.What did they do on vacation?
3.How is the weather?
4.How were the people there?

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